Forget grandma, the RIAA’s next target is politicians

Enforcing copyright online has proven to be quite difficult. More than a decade after Napster brought the subject of digital piracy into the mainstream, content owners are still struggling to protect their rights on the internet. They have finally learned one thing though: suing grandmothers (and dead grandmothers) doesn’t work.

So what are content owners doing? It appears they are turning their attention to a more receptive audience: politicians.

The adult entertainment biz takes a page from the RIAA, MPAA playbooks

Downloading a hit song or Hollywood movie from BitTorrent might become
an expensive mistake if you find yourself targeted in a lawsuit, but
downloading an adult video might become an expensive and embarrassing

That, at least, is what Third World Media is hoping. As CNET News.com
has reported, the California-based adult entertainment studio is filing
suits around the country against John Doe defendants who the studio
alleges illegally downloaded its content through file sharing networks
like BitTorrent. If the courts permit, those John Does will be unmasked
by their ISPs, subjecting them to more than just legal headaches.

Will the RIAA seek a DMCA replacement?

The business model of the recording industry is broken. Just about everyone knows it, including record label executives. But the industry collectively still seems to have a hard time admitting it.

So it’s really no surprise that the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), which has gone so far as to sue grandmothers for illegal music downloads, is singing a new heartbreaker: copyright law is broken.

Download ‘Hurt Locker’ on BitTorrent? That might really hurt

The Hurt Locker won six Oscars earlier this year, and if its producers have their way, it will also be a big winner in court.

U.S. Copyright Group, a company operated by a group of intellectual
property attorneys, has been retained by Voltage Pictures, which
financed The Hurt Locker, to file a lawsuit targeting potentially tens
of thousands of individuals who downloaded the film via BitTorrent.