Robert Scoble

Robert Scoble’s nine hottest tech companies’ve all heard of Google Goggles and self-driving cars, but will these futuristic inventions actually become part of our lives or are they just a nice idea like the jetpacks we were all promised?

Blogger and startup enthusiast Robert Scoble passionately believes they will become part of our everyday lives, and what’s more he has a good idea of how we will make use of them.

During a speech at TNW 2012 Scoble gave a fast paced run through of his favourite tech companies, and here’s a few of the highlights.

WordPress attack catches bloggers off guard, but it shouldn’t have

Over the weekend, reports surfaced of a seemingly widespread attack targeting older versions of the popular blogging software WordPress. The attack leaves WordPress installations severely compromised and appears to be part of a campaign to spread spam and malicious code.

Numerous bloggers found themselves victims. One of those bloggers was popular tech personality Robert Scoble. He claims that two months of his blog’s content was lost and that his site was booted from Google’s index because of malicious code that had been inserted (ouch).