11 cracking reasons to stick with this whole ‘internet’ fad for another week

It’s difficult to write this weekly round-up and remain ‘evergreen’.

It would be much easier to just glibly reference our current tube strike woes, the Winter Olympics or the fact that I’ve spent the last few days trying to stalk Prince around East London.

Well I’m going to aim for that rare goal of ‘timelessness’ right now…

Here’s a choice of three ‘topical’ introductions, hopefully one of which will be relevant in whatever distant time in the future you’re reading this.

One: How about these tube strikes, huh? I don’t feel comfortable on a Routemaster bus unless I’m smoking and piercing my own ear with a drawing pin.

Two: How about these plunge-holes in the sky-lanes, huh? I would’ve come off my hover-board if it wan’t for this magnetic field reversal.

Three: How about these flux-glitches in the teleportation booths, huh? I arrived at my destination quarter man, quarter fly and half iOS98.

There, I think I can claim that I am the king of relevancy. Now for the round-up.