Six ways to make your nightmare client less nightmarish

Can you turn a grumpy developer into a happy developer? In many cases, the answer is ‘Absolutely!’, but when it comes to client-service provider relationships, service providers often have legitimate complaints about their clients.

So can service providers turn their nightmare clients into dream clients? In many case, the answer is the same: absolutely!

What do Social Media Managers do? Part 1

social-mediaSocial media is an incredibly diverse field: Facebook, Twitter,
LinkedIn, Tumblrs, blogs, forums, Flickr, YouTube and literally hundreds
of other apps, tools and networks, presided over by hundreds more
gurus, ninjas, mavens, managers, engagement specialists. Even the (very)
odd Producer.

It’s a young discipline, it’s evolving quickly and new
innovations and methods of integration are arriving on a daily basis.
With all this going on, it can be hard to find someone qualified to run
your social media successfully at a strategic level.

While HR
departments are working hard to fill new positions, how exactly do you
decide who is qualified?