10 best things on the internet: the weird face of rock edition

I haven’t written an introduction to our weekly round-up for a few weeks now, mainly due to holiday and our departing Head of Social wrestling control off me to say goodbye last week, so I’ve forgotten the winning formula that normally makes these opening paragraphs so captivating.

Did I come out guns blazing with insightful marketing advice and game-changing stats?

Hmmm… that doesn’t sound quite right.

Spectacular and other over-hyperbolised things we found on the internet this week

All the best stuff from the internet we found this week, presented in an easily digestible form.

Think of us like a mother sparrow and you as our hungry little sparrow babies while we lovingly regurgi… no I refuse to carry with that metaphor. Apologies.

Here’s the weekly round-up. I guarantee nothing featured here has passed through any of our digestive systems.

Your one-stop shop for rampant distraction

All the best things we found online this week that we felt were okay enough (i.e. ‘not too offensive’) to share with the rest of our beloved readers.

Come back after midnight when things gets a little ‘racier’.

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If you look under 34 years old we will ask for ID. Please note that if ID or social sharing can’t be proved we do accept millionaire shortbread by way of bribe.


12 slimy things from the internet that left a trail on our keyboards this week

By the hoary beard of Odin, what a week it’s been in internets land!

If you like concise, amusing and well thought out pieces about the future of native advertising, then you should probably leave immediately and go watch this video by the ever-talented John Oliver instead.

If however you’re more likely to enjoy a picture of Santana holding a giant slug, read on, dear user, read on…

The digital marketing year in quotes

As always, there was lots of comment-worthy developments in the world of digital marketing this year.

Here’s my summation of 2013 in quotes, from changes at Google, to acquisitions and mergers, and developments across social networks.

Got other quotes worthy of inclusion? Do leave them in the comments section below.

The best of the Econsultancy blog from November

As we enter the final month of a promising year of economic recovery, I’m continuing to round up the best of the Econsultancy blog.

Here you’ll find around 30 posts that are definitely worth your time; either great practical advice, the best of our opinion pieces, interesting case studies, or what you definitely need to know about changes at the main tech players.

Feel free to comment on any of the posts, as our authors are always keen to extend the debate.

The best of the Econsultancy blog from October

To bring Econsultancy readers and subscribers the best blog content from the month gone, I’ve been writing simple posts like this one (with the best of August and September also available).

There’s plenty of good stuff I’ve had to leave out, but the posts I’ve included below will bring you some new best practice, insightful opinion, and some coverage of October’s biggest events in marketing, ecommerce, big brand land and GAFA World (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Apple).

I hope you’ll enjoy the best from our myriad of authors.