Who exactly uses connected TV?

At the beginning of 2012 we saw a burst of excitement around the predicted rise in the use of connected TV, however consumer reaction appears to have been somewhat muted.

Data we published in May showed that that 17% of British adults own an internet ready TV set but just 7% have used a it to go online.

More than a third (36%) of respondents said they did not see the point in going online through a TV set.

A new report from Parks Associates and Rovi seeks to identify which audience segments are actually adopting connected TV, with the results showing that owners in the UK are typically young, affluent males.

Nearly 40% are upper-middle class and more than 70% closely follow the latest developments in new technology.

Furthermore, their ownership of other devices such as game consoles and tablets is considerably higher than the national average.

On-demand apps still dominate on connected TVs

Samsung Smart TV owners have an average of nine apps installed on their device, according to a new report by Rovi.

The survey of 500 Smart TV owners also found that video content delivery apps such as BBC iPlayer, BBC News and LoveFilm are the most frequently used apps.

But alongside content apps, Rovi’s survey found there is a desire for more utility apps such as banking, betting and shopping services.

Connected TV ad trial achieves 22% CTR

Connected TV ads received a click through rate of 22% during a study of eight campaigns by the Rovi Corporation.

Almost 70% of users exposed to the smart TV campaigns noticed the ads, achieving a 6% incremental reach in addition to traditional media channels.

The study evaluated UK connected TV audience segments, platform familiarity and usage, as well as advertising effectiveness and engagement.

Q&A: Rovi’s David Jordan on the future of digital entertainment

At Mobile World Congress this year, digital entertainment specialist Rovi announced a partnership with Dixons Retail that would see the British company use its technology to power an “over the top movie service” called KNOWHOW Movies.

This is the first time a UK brand has used Rovi Entertainment Store, a white-label product, to give consumers access to films and TV shows via a digital store.

But Rovi has fingers in many pies, from entertainment discovery, to distribution and advertising.

We sat down with David Jordan, Rovi’s VP of Marketing to talk about developments in this space, the opportunity for marketers and what it means for consumers.