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‘Listening’ to Twitter is no longer merely optional

twitter searchSocial marketing, Web 2.0 – whatever you call it, proponents and gurus of the forms on online marketing that involve consumer-generated media and user participation constantly stress the conversational aspects of marketing in Web 2.0 channels. Some have gone so far as to dub this “conversational marketing.”

All those drop-what-you’re-doing news bulletins that begin, “The blogosphere is buzzing about…” are so 2005. The latest channel to attract attention is the first one that’s literally a conversation: Twitter.

Slews of marketers are jumping into Twitter with both feet to participate: to show off domain knowledge, create promotions on-the-fly, to publicize upcoming events and sales – the possibilities are endless.

But what very few marketers, advertisers and brands are listening to Twitter – they’re reiterating the same mistakes they made at the very beginning of Web 2.0.