sara holoubek

Search industry poised for double-digit growth

sempoSince 2004, SEMPO has conducted a widely anticipated annual State of Search Engine Marketing Report, the broadest and most comprehensive look at all aspects of the burgeoning search industry. Today, the 2010 survey published. Econsultancy is proud to have partnered with SEMPO on the research.

The topline finding? Search is up, recession be damned. We estimate the North American search engine marketing industry was worth $14.6B in 2009, up from $13.5B in 2008 and based on 8% year-on-year growth. While the market was sluggish during most of 2009, there was a significant Q4 uptick. This year, we anticipate double-digit growth: up 14% to reach a value of $16.6B by the end of 2010. SEMPO President Sara Holoubek says this is the big takeaway. “Following a rough year for all media, search continued to grow. The anticipated return to double-digit growth is a promising sign that the industry continues its upward trajectory, fueled by advancements such as personalization, local search and mobile.”search growth chart 2010