Google’s official search agency and scammers

It’s not widely known, but Google has appointed an official search agency. At least, this search agency works with Google in the United Kingdom, though not globally.

The problem over the last year or so has been that scammers have known about this agency and have made several attempts to impersonate them.

Super Bowl advertiser torpedos $3M media buy

cash4goldThe $3 million dollar media buy on the Super Bowl, the ad featuring MC Hammer bought Cash4Gold….a reputation management disaster?

The blogosphere is ablaze with negative stories about the business that buys gold, jewelry and valuables from cash-strapped consumers. In fact, those stories started months before the big game when blogger Rob Cockerham of provided extensive documentation that the online service offered only one-third the cash for his gold as a local pawn shop.

The post was picked up by A-list blogs Boing Boing and the Consumerist (the latter has run a slew of negative posts about the company) with predictable results — the negative stories shot up to the top of Google’s search results for the company’s name.

Google AdWords used to distribute malware

Given how lucrative online crime can be, it probably isn’t surprising that internet scammers continue to develop clever new ways of finding new victims.

One of the latest: Google AdWords.