Eight reasons why 2011 is the year of mobile commerce

There are anticipated technologies that, despite capturing the imagination of technophiles, analysts and journalists, seem to just never arrive as soon as one expects or hope.  

Mobile commerce and mobile wallets are good examples. Year after year, the vision and ambition are strong but the execution and usage is weak. However, there are a number of reasons to expect that 2011 is the year that a tipping point in the use of mobile phones as the ultimate shopping enabler becomes reality. 

Q&A: Sccope Founder Douglas Orr on mobile commerce

Douglas OrrSccope is one of the best mobile price comparison services I have seen so far, and has a mobile site, an iPhone app, as well as services on the Vodafone and T-Mobile mobile platforms.

I’ve been talking to Douglas Orr, the founder of parent company Cogenta, about Sccope’s mobile services, and how he sees the mobile commerce market developing over the next few years. He also has an interesting solution to the problem of making mobile checkouts easier for customers.

Douglas will be speaking about the future of mobile commerce at Econsultancy’s Future of Digital Marketing 2010 event, held in London on June 16.

Mobile site review: Sccope

I wrote an article about the quality of shopping comparison sites on mobile a few weeks ago, and was disappointed by the quality of most of them.

Reevoo and Kelkoo both had useful iPhone versions, and Reevoo has further improved its app by adding price information and transactional functionality, but most were less useful than they could have been.

I’ve been looking at another entrant into the market, Sccope, as well as talking to CEO Douglas Orr.