Just as companies abandon Flash, Adobe turns to HTML5

HTML5 is coming, and a growing number of companies are trying to kick
the Flash habit, even if on a limited basis. The latest: popular online
document sharing service Scribd.

According to the startup’s CTO, “We are scrapping three years of Flash
development and betting the company on HTML5 because we believe HTML5
is a dramatically better reading experience than Flash.

Scribd and SEO: live by the sword, die by the sword

Last Friday, TechCrunch reported that online document sharing service Scribd saw its traffic fall nearly 50% since June of this year. That’s pretty much the SEO equivalent of a stock market crash.

According to Trip Adler, Scribd’s CEO, the company knowingly made some changes that it expected to decrease traffic. One of them: “reducing the aggressiveness of our SEO“.

Facebook vanity URLs coming this weekend

Cancel your weekend plans. At 12:01 am EDT on Saturday, June 13, Facebook will open the floodgates on a long-awaited landrush.

At that time, all Facebook users will be able to select a vanity URL (eg.

Scribd looks for a foothold in the eBook market

Amazon has quickly emerged as the leader in the nascent eBook market,
but a company launching today has the potential to change all that.

Amazon has the upper hand versus Sony’s Reader because of its prolific
backlog of content. Most important to their foothold is the way that they control content. Books purchased in
the Amazon store are only viewable on the Kindle and the Kindle iPhone
app. But if a company can undercut Amazon’s prices and get access to the same quality content, they could unseat Amazon.