Social CRM no longer a myth?

Big news recently from Facebook: companies can now link their customer data, including phone numbers and email addresses to those provided by people on Facebook.

It mightn’t seem like much, but this move, initially for ad targeting only, could be huge.

Traditional CRM vs social CRM (Infographic)

Over the past two years Our Social Times has hosted social CRM conferences in London, New York and Paris.

It’s a fast-growing industry with many specialist themes, but the first question the speakers always get asked is: “How does social CRM differ from traditional CRM?” 

10 reasons why customer service has failed to wake up to social media

When you read that just 11% of retailers respond to negative comments on Facebook, while 81% of businesses use social media for marketing, it’s clear that something has gone drastically wrong in the world of social customer services.

But what, exactly?

After reading the shocking statistics in Vikki Chowney’s social customer service post on Econsultancy a few weeks ago, I asked several of Our Social Times‘ largest clients why their customer services teams hadn’t fully adopted social media yet.

Here’s what they said, with added notes and suggestions.