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Google reveals most popular search queries in 2013

In the same way that Beyonce flung out her fifth album unexpectedly last week, Google UK has just fired its 2013 zeitgeist list into my inbox without so much as a word of warning.

Although it has almost no impact or relevance for ecommerce and digital marketing it still gives a fascinating look into what have been the most popular topics of the past 12 months, and as such I have no qualms about publishing it here on the Econsultancy blog.

Last year it turned out that people in the UK couldn’t get enough of Gangnam Style, Gary Barlow and Kate Middleton, but nobody cares about those guys anymore. 

So what have proven to be the most searched terms in 2013? Here’s a run down of the most popular queries, as well as those that shone brightly for a short period of time and therefore make it onto Google’s ‘trending’ lists…