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Search Personality of the Year Arianne Donoghue: “We need to learn from the traditional marketing side when it comes to things like brand building”

This year, Arianne Donoghue was recognised as UK Search Personality of the Year at the UK Search Awards. The award is given to a talented and inspiring practitioner who has revolutionised the UK search industry and is leading the way, challenging convention and inspiring the future of the industry.

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Five ways in which search is evolving

The cool thing about search is the way it just keeps changing and growing, meaning website owners and marketers are constantly needing to adapt and exploit new opportunities to maximise their search presence.

Here are five noteworthy directions in which search is evolving that I think digital marketers need to be aware of. 

The UK’s top Google searches for 2012 revealed

It’s been a big year for over-hyped news stories in the UK. Kate Middleton’s pregnancy, the chief whip calling the police plebs, the usual guff around X Factor and footballers refusing to shake hands, to name but a few.

But which stories have really caught the nation’s imagination? 

Well wonder no more, as Google has come to the rescue with its search zeitgeist for 2012.

The stats below reveal the UK’s top trending search topics, the most popular ‘What is…’ and ‘How to…’ queries and the most searched-for individuals.

So, here’s what you’ve all been searching for this year…