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Retail sites dominate list of most visible sites in paid search

Retail websites account for more than half of the top 20 most visible advertisers in Google paid search, according to a new report from Searchmetrics.

Question answering site actually takes top spot for paid search, with Amazon and Zappos taking second and third respectively.

The findings come from a study into the top 20 most visible sites in paid search on and a similar list for the top performers in organic search.

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Comparison sites dominate paid and organic search for financial services

Price comparison sites are renowned for having some of the most high profile, and downright irritating, marketing campaigns.

And a new report from Epiphany shows that this visibility is mirrored online, where comparison sites are outperforming high street banks in SEO.

It’s a trend we’ve seen before with data which showed that Money Supermarket outperforms banks for key financial search terms, while a separate report found that CompareTheMarket is top performing financial brand on social media.

Man Utd are top for search visibility, but Chelsea are champs for social

Manchester City may have risen to the upper echelons of the Premier League in the past few seasons, but the team’s success on the pitch hasn’t made an impact where it really matters, in Google’s rankings.

In fact a new study that analysed the search visibility of the 20 Premier League clubs found that Man City lie in sixth place, while unsurprisingly Man Utd top the table.

Searchmetrics used its SEO Visibility tool to measure how prominently and frequently each teams’ website appeared in Google UK search results.

Google’s visibility for car insurance searches improves overnight

Google’s search visibility for car insurance comparison has leapt from 0% to 75% in the space of two days since it launched its own rival to the likes of 

According to stats from Greenlight, Google’s car insurance comparison service is now visible for at least 500,000 relevant UK searches per month from this point onwards.

This will obviously have competitors in what is a fiercely competitive market worried…