Q&A: SearchIgnite CEO Roger Barnette

As more and more marketing dollars flow to digital, marketers are increasingly active in multiple online channels, including search, display and social. Yet making sense of how they all relate to one another, and optimizing marketing spend across all of these channels, still often poses significant challenges.

Last week,  marketing provider SearchIgnite launched a new solution designed to break down the silos that keep marketers from managing multiple channels.

Report: US retailers upped paid search spend before holidays

Facing perhaps the toughest retail environment in decades,
multi-channel retailers in the United States turned to paid search in
the run up to the holiday shopping season in an effort to boost sales.

SearchIgnite, a search management provider, today reported that US
multi-channel retailers increased their spending on paid search by 12%
in Q4 2008 as compared to Q4 2007.