How to do successful link-building on a startup budget

At carwow we recently raised series-B funding, so although it’s fair to say we have a little bit more money to experiment with these days, this certainly hasn’t always been the case.

We also know that we didn’t get to where we are by spending money unnecessarily.


How can marketers benefit from mobile search?

There are major differences between the results that search engines deliver on phones and computers.

How can marketers structure their search strategy to maximise results?

Figures from 2013 found that nearly 20% of the average adult American’s daily media consumption was on mobile devices, a trend that is only accelerating.

Echoing this, search queries on mobile devices grew five-fold in the last two years, according to Google.

Consumer electronics SEO: Amazon comes top for organic and paid visibility

Consumer electronics shoppers usually spend a lot of time researching products before they eventually make a decision, which typically involves looking at upwards of 14 sources of information.

This includes searching for advice from consumer publications such as Which, comparison sites and customer reviews.

Organic and paid search is therefore an extremely important tactic for gaining brand exposure during the purchase journey.

There is a mix of competition within this sector as manufacturers, specialist suppliers, ecommerce brands and multichannel retailers attempt to improve market share.

A new report examining which brands achieve the highest visibility for consumer electronics has found that comes top for both organic and paid search, which probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise.


Wikipedia and SEO: what every digital marketer needs to know

Wikipedia has been one of the success stories of the internet, growing rapidly to become the de facto reference site for many people.

There are more than 4.4m pages in the English language edition alone, and it is still growing at the rate of 771 new pages every day.

How can its impact benefit digital marketers?

Does Google’s authorship integration affect search rankings?

It would not be a big surprise if Google was using information from Google author profiles to influence how pages rank in searches., but as yet there is no evidence to show a correlation between author profiles and better ranking URLs.

Google’s authorship markup feature allows news, other online publications and blogs to use the rel=”author” tag to connect their authors’ online articles to official author profiles on Google+.

The profiles include a profile photo, biography, information about their activity and followers on Google+ as well as  links to other articles by the author.

Stronger correlation between Google+ and search rankings than Facebook and Twitter: report

Sites that have a high number of social shares, comments, tweets and +1s tend to rank better in Google, according to a new report from Searchmetrics.

And of all the four main social networks it appears that Google+ actually has the strongest correlation with high search rankings.

The report is based on analysis of 10,000 search terms from Google UK, using the first three pages of results.

It’s important to point out that this is a correlation rather than causation, so we can’t necessarily say that social signals definitely lead to higher search rankings. But it does seem to suggest that there’s some relationship between the two.

Retail sites dominate list of most visible sites in paid search

Retail websites account for more than half of the top 20 most visible advertisers in Google paid search, according to a new report from Searchmetrics.

Question answering site actually takes top spot for paid search, with Amazon and Zappos taking second and third respectively.

The findings come from a study into the top 20 most visible sites in paid search on and a similar list for the top performers in organic search.

To find out more about paid search, check out our new Paid Search Marketing (PPC) Best Practice Guide.

It includes best practice around mobile paid search, integrating paid search with other channels (including offline), and takes into account Google’s new Enhanced Campaigns function.

Comparison sites dominate paid and organic search for financial services

Price comparison sites are renowned for having some of the most high profile, and downright irritating, marketing campaigns.

And a new report from Epiphany shows that this visibility is mirrored online, where comparison sites are outperforming high street banks in SEO.

It’s a trend we’ve seen before with data which showed that Money Supermarket outperforms banks for key financial search terms, while a separate report found that CompareTheMarket is top performing financial brand on social media.

Retailers turn to Pinterest to boost Christmas sales

E-commerce is a well-established part of the Christmas shopping rush, with shoppers spending £7.9bn online in December 2011.

Social media is an important tool for attracting online shoppers and promoting gift ideas, and this year many retailers have turned to Pinterest to try and maximise their visibility online.

Research by Searchmetrics shows that five of the top 10 UK online retailers have created Christmas themed pinboards containing ideas for gifts, decorations and food.

And it’s not difficult to see why. Research shows that Pinterest drives more sales and a higher order value than either Facebook or Twitter, though for sheer volume of referral traffic it’s still difficult to beat Facebook.

Looking at how retailers are using Pinterest, Argos leads the way with six pinboards including gifts for him and her, secret Santa and top toys.

Man Utd are top for search visibility, but Chelsea are champs for social

Manchester City may have risen to the upper echelons of the Premier League in the past few seasons, but the team’s success on the pitch hasn’t made an impact where it really matters, in Google’s rankings.

In fact a new study that analysed the search visibility of the 20 Premier League clubs found that Man City lie in sixth place, while unsurprisingly Man Utd top the table.

Searchmetrics used its SEO Visibility tool to measure how prominently and frequently each teams’ website appeared in Google UK search results.