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Facebook cracks down on irrelevant ad targeting techniques

Facebook has gotten a lot of flack for its misdirected contextual advertising. Advertisers on the site have access to personal demographic data, and they don’t always use it wisely. (Hello free laptop offers that randomly use age and location data!)

Poorly targeted ads are bad for Facebook’s fledgling ad products, and the company has announced that it will start cracking down on demographic data abusers. Today, ClickZ has some details on Facebook’s plans. Marketers may not be exciting to see what the social network is getting rid of, but Facebook is keeping an eye on its longterm business model.

Facebook’s self-serve ads need work. But as long as they’re making money, they’ll keep getting better.

Facebook is hard at work serving personalized advertising to its users, and the network’s popular self-serve ad platform is a big part of its planned $1 billion in revenue for 2010. But it doesn’t take a long visit to the site to see that those ads aren’t always on target.

Today The New York Times looks at the ongoing problem of misdirected Facebook ads. Facebook’s platform is still relatively new, but its personalized approach to display is not always so personalized.

Are marketers moving their Google search dollars to Facebook’s display ad business?

Wired’s argument this spring that Facebook is the next Google may have legs. According to Silicon Alley Insider, Facebook is skimming ad dollars from Google’s search business.

SAI’s Internet Analyst spoke with an ad agency that has noticed brands quietly moving ad dollars from Google search to Facebook’s new self-serve display ads. If this becomes a trend, it could be huge for Facebook.