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Seven paid search features local marketers should be using

Local marketers now have many tools to consider when using paid search that go beyond simply bidding on keywords for ads to appear. 

Google and Bing have built out advanced functionality in their platforms over the last few years that can help search engine marketers drive engagement with consumers at a local level.

Yet even the more experienced local marketers are not making use of all of the available options.

I’ve grouped together seven of the most useful paid search features below.

Will the number of consumer reviews in PPC ads affect credibility?

Consumer reviews work. They have been shown to drive sales, and so now they are used by most retailers online. 

The problem is, marketers know this too, and it’s no surprise that reviews are used as much as possible, particularly to improve seller ratings for PPC ads. 

Having looked into this recently, i wonder whether the sheer volumes of review gathered for some brands’ seller ratings are diluting the effect and making the feedback less valuable for other customers.