SEO snake oil

10 reasons people criticize SEO

SEO is a polarizing subject. Bring it up in the company of the tech set and chances are you’ll get a debate not unlike one you might get when talking about religion and politics.

A lot of the criticism of SEO is misplaced while some of it isn’t. When addressing SEO criticism, it helps to have an understanding of why critics are so skeptical. Here are top 10 reasons.

How to defeat SEO snake oil

The SEO business is no stranger to the phrase ‘snake oil‘. Plenty of it has been sold over the years.

This, of course, doesn’t mean that SEO efforts aren’t legitimate and that there aren’t reputable SEOs; SEO is extremely important for most online businesses and there are plenty of competent practitioners who can provide real value to their clients.

10 ways to be a great SEO

Despite the fact that SEO can make or break a business online, SEO still conjures up a lot of negativity.

Some of the negativity is fair. While there are plenty of legitimate SEOs, the market still has its fair share of snake oil salesman going from client to client in a hit-and-run fashion promising the world but delivering none of it.