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SEO: why more content isn’t always the answer

Content is very important for SEO, but this should also come with caveats, as simply creating more and more isn’t always the answer. 

Following on from yesterday’s post on sub-domain conflicts, here I’ll look at a few examples where brands’ content-led pages are harming their search rankings.

Six inspirational B2B case studies from The Digitals

It’s awards season here at Econsultancy as the entries detailing inspirational case studies from a huge range of companies continue to roll in.

The Digitals 2014 are designed to showcase the finest work from the global digital and ecommerce community, but not just from individuals, we want to put the whole team centre stage in order to celebrate and truly reflect the collaborative culture of our industry.

You have till 24 September 2014 to enter, and in order to give you inspiration for your own entry we’ve rounded up some of the best B2B case studies we received in 2013.

For more advice on how to write your entry, read David Moth’s 10 tips for writing a stand out awards entry for The Digitals.

Q&A: Mags Sikora on the current SEO landscape

With so much change and ambiguity currently prevalent in the world of SEO it’s difficult to know what even constitutes best practice anymore.

Lately I’ve been trying to navigate the murky world of black hat and white SEO and I although I think I grasped the basics, I thought now would be the perfect time to discuss current issues with an industry expert.

Mags Sikora is an SEO Consultant based in London. Over the last seven years she has led a number of SEO projects for brands such as, TripAdvisor, Avis, and currently New Look. 

The majority of those projects have consisted of large-scale audits, development, strategy creation and implementation, including all aspects of technical SEO and link building. She also helps smaller websites and startups to set up their own in-house SEO teams.

Eight tips for dealing with on-site SEO on huge websites

Ecommerce currently makes up a whopping 43% of Argos’ business and is predicted to surpass 50% by 2015, so managing the company’s search strategy is an incredibly important job.

At Brighton SEO on Friday Argos’ search marketing manager Dan Patmore gave an insight into the way SEO works at the company and the tactics he uses to ensure his ideas are implemented.

Patmore currently has two people working for him internally and also outsources part of the process to NetBooster, but even then he said that managing on-site SEO remains a huge challenge.