Are social and Facebook now SEO?

There has been a lot of talk over the past several years about the intersection of search and social. Many suggest that both will inevitably merge in a meaningful way, and there’s good reason to believe they may be right.

But when it comes to SEO, just how big a role is social playing?

Does your SEO understand Google’s Webmaster Guidelines?

Many SEOs make a lot of claims. Some, of course, are entirely legitimate. And others fall under the snake oil category.

But here’s a claim you probably haven’t yet come across: “I have read
and understand Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
” Interestingly, however,
this basic claim might be something you should look for.

10 ways to be a great SEO

Despite the fact that SEO can make or break a business online, SEO still conjures up a lot of negativity.

Some of the negativity is fair. While there are plenty of legitimate SEOs, the market still has its fair share of snake oil salesman going from client to client in a hit-and-run fashion promising the world but delivering none of it.