Four things to always avoid in social media

On the last day of the Affiliate Summit East, Mike Allen (, Jennifer Myers Ward (above & beyond, inc) and Shannon Vogel (The Be-Scene) gave their advice on social media in the session Not Just Another Session on Social Media.

It really was just another session, but as it was one of the only ones focusing on social media, sometimes it’s good to go back to basics. Part of the panel session highlighted top tips on what not to do in the social media space. As it’s rather easy to get it wrong, we’ve included four areas you need to avoid if you want to succeed with your online communities as an extention of our 10 Twitter commandments.

Sex sells, except in the App Store

Apple is, for lack of a better word, an unconventional company. And in
the past several days, it has apparently decided to take on the
conventional wisdom that ‘sex sells’.

In a publicly unannounced and unexplained move, several days ago Apple
began a mass purge of the App Store. The target: iPhone apps that somebody, somewhere might find a sexual overtone in. From bikinis to ice skating tights to
mere silhouettes, Apple is reportedly done with any apps whose purpose
is to create “excitement or titillation” — for both males and females alike.