Nordstrom VP warns retailers ‘Put customers in driver’s seat, or be dead by 2020’

Last week at the conference, Jamie Nordstrom, Executive Vice President of Nordstrom, took to the stage to talk about the evolution of Nordstrom and it’s move online. Jamie Nordstrom did just about everything in his 26 years with the company. He started in the stock room and moved his way up through sales and management until he reached the top and became Executive Vice President and President of Nordstrom Direct in 2005.

In that time, Nordstrom made it’s own journey from offline to online to multichannel integration. It took time, patience and plenty of investment but it lead to Nordstrom becoming one of the best in show for retailers trying to stay ahead of the ever shifting curve of omnichannel retailing.

How to evolve your brand and logo the Starbucks way

Starbucks has come a long way since it’s first Seattle store in 1971. So it makes sense that last year it decided to task its brand team with redesigning the logo. 

Steve Murray, Content Manager of Brand Strategy and Expression at Starbucks, worked as lead writer on the team that spent hours, weeks and months creating a new logo and brand identity for Starbucks and he shared what they did at Starbucks to a full room of retail marketers at the recent conference. 

But how do you improve and simplify a logo that is only made of four parts and one basic colour? And why was it important to do so?