Facebook cheat sheet [Infographic]

Need to save time (while wasting some) on Facebook? Here’s a handy infographic on all the keyboard shortcuts to help you navigate your way around the number one social network.

The Facebook cheat sheet also offers shortcuts for the Facebook emoticons, including one for your own brand page! 

The majority of shortcuts use Alt+ a number, however all these work differently across specific browsers. 

16 bitchin’ commands and shortcuts for Twitter

Keyboard shortcuts for TwitterBack in the day, whenever I was unsure about the meaning of a word, I would leaf through a battered old Oxford English Dictionary. Will Self, although he doesn’t know it, probably caused the most indirect wear and tear of all my favourite writers.

My trusty tome was subsequently usurped by online dictionaries, but they too – at least for me – were soon been replaced by Google’s rather lovely ‘define:’ command. 

The ‘define:keyword’ command is surely the quickest way of finding out the meaning or spelling of a word, since Google typically returns a result in less than half a second. Try it. It’s highly useful.

I love a shortcut, and regularly make use of a range of keyboard shortcuts on Twitter. There are more of them than you might imagine. As such I have aggregated a bunch of commands to provide you with one handy cut-out-and-keep / ‘bookmark on Delicious’ guide.