single customer view

single customer view

You don’t need a single customer view, you need a practical customer view

By using data your marketing can be smarter, faster and messages more relevant. This explains the current interest in customer data platforms (CDPs). I am a big fan of the idea of a CDP to bring together and make the best use of our data – and the story goes that we can create a single customer view with it. If we reach that holy grail, that would literally turn all marketers into superhuman marketers, wouldn’t it?

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Marketing is failing at its top priority: Three findings from new research

In new research, Econsultancy has discovered startling ways modern marketing is failing at what should be its top priority: Recognizing customers as individuals across devices and media.

It began with a premise that won’t startle many data-weary marketers - that despite the assurances of the vendor community, achieving true customer recognition isn’t easy and isn’t happening for many companies.

Cross-device measurement: what to look for in a solution

Whilst multi-device consumption is quite typical, for a marketer these usage patterns can be difficult to navigate and gaining a clear view of the user journey can be challenging.

So, how to improve cross-device measurement and deliver a seamless brand experience, with relevant, timely messages to audiences across all screens?

The single customer view: Is it really achievable?

Achieving a single customer view is supposedly the ultimate goal for digital marketers, but is it really feasible?

Building this complete, joined-up view of the customer is a costly and time-consuming project, and while some have made decent progress, others still have a mountain to climb.

A new report published today by Econsultancy and Innometrics investigates the current landscape for businesses seeking to obtain that single customer view, and looks at how brands are approaching the gap between digital and retail, among other challenges. 

The Single Customer View report features in-depth opinions from senior-level executives working within ecommerce, online and marketing departments, from companies including Mothercare, Camelot, myHermes, EE, Clarins, Rank, Occam and Seren.

Here’s a brief summary of three topics investigated in the report…

What are the main advantages of achieving a single customer view?

Obtaining a single customer view remains a huge challenge for marketers in spite of the ever-improving capabilities of digital technologies.

But unified marketing is a nirvana worth striving for according to a new report from Econsultancy and Tealium.

The Path to Unified Marketing investigates the difficulties that brands face in obtaining a single view of their customers, as well giving an overview of the state of the industry.

One of the sections examines the benefits of unified marketing by comparing the expectations of those who haven’t tied their data together with the experience of those who have achieved some degree of a single customer view. 

Respondents were asked to identify what they perceive to be the top three benefits of integrating their marketing applications and data.