Small Business Saturday

How small businesses can make the most of Twitter

“If there’s one thing you have if you run a small business, it’s time. If there’s one thing you probably don’t have, it’s money.”

I have to credit the above statement to Will Critchlow, it condenses what I’m about to discuss in a simplified way.

Essentially social media costs nothing but can be a fairly time consuming practice depending on how many platforms you choose to use. Social media is also the key way for a small business to develop awareness, raise its profile, gauge its market and interact with existing and future customers. 

As a small business you’re in a great position to start exploiting social media for all its worth.

As the UK is celebrating its first Small Business Saturday on 7th December 2013, here I present the first in a series of posts that will take a look at each individual social media platform, and highlight how your small business can wring the best out of each one. 

Let’s begin with Twitter.

Digitally showcasing your business on Small Business Saturday

The UK is celebrating its first Small Business Saturday on 7th December 2013, following in the footsteps of the United States who began the initiative in 2010, generating $5.5bn in its first year.  

Supported by the UK government, it is hoped that success will follow into the UK and generate support for the 4.9m SMEs currently located here.

As well as some well-meaning tips on digitally showcasing and preparing for the big day, the blog begins with some lovely stats that should hit home on how important it is to participate.

I mean, if the idea of competing with 4.7m business of the same size doesn’t daunt you, then perhaps you should participate for the fun part, or indeed to support other local businesses.