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David Beats Goliath – Google slapped down in small claims court

david vs goliath

Lowly AdSense publisher Aaron Greenspan had his day in court with Google…and won. Goliath was slapped with a $721 judgement, plus an extra $40 in court fees.

Almost exactly a year ago, Mr. Greenspan added his site, Think Computer Corporation to the AdSense roster of publishers. Nine months later his account was cancelled and the $721 he was owed by Google was never paid.

Google never gave Greenspan a reason for the cancellation, and claimed it didn’t have to. According to the AdSense T&Cs, as well as the Google paralegal who represented the search behemouth in Santa Clara county small claims curt in Pala Alto, “Google can terminate your account for any reason.”

Tell it to the judge – well, actually, that’s what Google did. His response: “But you couldn’t terminate my account because of the color of my eyes,
could you? I have brown eyes. You couldn’t terminate my account because
of that.”