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MyHighSt takes the high street online, but offers poor UX

Independent retailers from Wells in Somerset have joined forces to create a new digital marketplace that aims to replicate the city’s high street.

MyHigh.St features products from more than 30 of Wells’ retailers on one site, allowing customers to buy from several shops using a single checkout.

The aim is to help support high street retailers by helping them to start selling online and by increasing footfall in their shops.

One of the delivery options is click and collect and the site’s loyalty scheme gives higher rewards to those who visit the high street than those who shop purely online.

Amazon turns data on its own Marketplace retailers: report

For many small retailers, Amazon is an important source of customers and revenue thanks to the retail giant’s Marketplace, which lets third parties hawk their wares on

But some retailers selling through Amazon’s Marketplace are learning the hard way that doing business through a potential competitor can be a double-edged sword with a very sharp blade.