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Six reasons content marketers need to think mobile

The world has fallen in love with their smart phones and tablets. People talk about having an emotional connection with their devices. The iphone 5 promo video described it as a “unique relationship”.

Keith Nation from ORM London says this is because: “They are always on you and they are always on”. American advertising consultant Cindy Gallop said at a recent Guardian marketing summit that: “People turn on their phones all the time to get little pellets of love. They want to see that people want to be in touch with them”. 

Our appetite for all things mobile is insatiable. Technology research firm Gartner estimates that 70% of devices sold worldwide in 2012 will be “smart devices” (smartphones and tablets). It predicts a total of 1.2bn smartphones and tablets could be sold worldwide in 2013 and forecasts a staggering 39 million to be sold by 2016.