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11 reasons why eBay’s mobile apps are so popular

Stats published by Nielsen earlier this week showed that eBay’s mobile app has been downloaded by a whopping 43% of Android smartphone users.

It’s the only shopping app in the top 10 most popular Android apps, and with that kind of reach it’s no wonder that eBay and PayPal each expected to take more than $10bn in mobile revenues in 2012.

I’ve previously blogged 12 reasons behind Amazon’s mobile success, so thought it would be interesting to turn the spotlight on eBay’s smartphone app.

Though eBay also has dedicated fashion and motors apps, for the purposes of this article I’m only going to look at its main shopping app…

Debenhams makes great use of its mobile app with timely sales alerts

Over the past year I’ve downloaded several retail apps on my Android smartphone, mainly for the purpose of reviewing them for the blog.

Apps from John Lewis, Debenhams, Argos and Tesco have all remained on my phone as I have no pressing need to delete them, meaning I’m a sitting target for messages about offers and discounts.

However as far as I can remember, only Debenhams has taken the opportunity to send me any marketing messages, which appears to be a missed opportunity for the other brands.

Adobe recently conducted a survey that asked 1,003 UK consumers about the features they most looked for in smartphone apps – 67% of respondents rated money saving offers as the most important feature.

The McDonald’s app clocks up 1m downloads, but is it any good?

McDonald’s announced this week that its smartphone app has clocked up more than 1m downloads in less than a year.

More than one in ten users return to the app more each month, with peak times unsurprisingly coinciding with lunch and dinner.

The app, which was designed by Grapple, doesn’t allow you to place an order, but does provide a store locator function, full menu and nutritional information.

So how has it clocked up so many downloads? I checked out the Android version of the app to find out…