15 of the best branded Vines from July 2014

Let’s all pretend we’re not halfway into August already and instead rewind back to the last few days of July with its less inclement weather, rabid excitement for the upcoming Commonwealth Games and the promise of an ‘on-time’ round-up of the best branded Vines of the month.

Here’s our genuine excuse for its tardiness. I was on honeymoon and David Moth forgot to do it in my absence.  

Hmmm… sometimes you can be transparent merely by omission. Anyway, on with the compact cavalcade of content!

10 innovative digital marketing campaigns from Diageo brands

Diageo’s CMO said recently that ‘all marketing is digital’ and that his company aims to embrace innovation.

The business currently spends 20% of its $3bn marketing budget on digital channels, though this doesn’t take into account the amount spent on content that is then shared and promoted through digital.

Diageo is due to announce its financial results tomorrow, so investors will be able to judge whether the digital strategy has started to bear fruit.

It also seems like a good time to round up some of the company’s most noteworthy digital campaigns of recent years, beginning with the viral success of Guinness’ latest TV ad…

Smirnoff finally ices its Bro problem

A moment of silence was surely had at fraternities nationwide this week: the website BrosIcingBros has been shut down. The internet meme known as “icing” may be responsible for a recent spike in Smirnoff Ice purchases across America, but the brand could only turn a bling eye for so long.

Smirnoff let the icing phenomenon have a good run online. But eventually all good memes come to an end.