Catch up on what you missed over Social Media Week

Over the last week, the Econsultancy team has been jumping from venue to venue, listening in on some great sessions and workshops as part of Social Media Week 2013

As we know our readers are not all based in New York, we thought we’d go through the list of some of the great sessions we saw and share those that have a recorded live stream that we liked so you can watch it for yourself. It’s like you were there with out having to deal with subways or the rain of last week. It also means you weren’t in New York, but hey, it’s much cheaper this way.

Econsultancy’s social media showdown hits #SMWNY 2013

Next week marks the fifth year of Social Media Week in New York and this looks like the biggest one ever. With sessions around the globe, the team has events in  NYC, Lagos, Hamburg, Copenhagen, DC, Miami, Milan, Paris, Tokyo, and Singapore. Alongside four content hubs at Bloomberg, 92Y Tribeca, JWT, and Hearst, New York will also boast a global HQ including a state of the art, experimental space presented in partnership with MKG and Crowdcentric.

Of course, the most exciting part is that Econsultancy will not only have it’s own event with a few of our own staff on panels but as global media partners, we’ll be covering some of the 150 events taking place between February 18-22, 2013.

As usual, Econsultancy is trying something a bit different with it’s Social Media Showdown at Whole Foods Tribeca.