social crisis management

Digital crisis management, horsemeat style

It can happen to anyone. One day you are happily providing tasty prepared meals to devoted consumers, and the next you are accused of serving up horsemeat, committing fraud and conspiracy against the public, and somehow being linked to convicted arms traffickers via the intermediaries that transport meat through the seedy underworld of the European food chain!

Who knew that a humble lasagne could cause so much trouble for so many goliaths of the food industry?

The answer is that someone should have. Because in today’s world of instant global exposure the vast majority of your digital crisis management needs to be in place before a crisis occurs, scenarios practised, scripts written, influencers on-side and communication channels identified.

It should be someone’s role to ensure that this has been done. In the wake of the horsemeat crisis, how many of the businesses involved in it do you feel had an effective strategy to call upon?

In the days before social media it could take hours or even days for a story to break. Today it can take seconds to go viral, so it’s prepare or perish.