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Google experiments with a Google News social layer

Few search experts doubt that social media will have some impact on the SERPs in the future, but up until now, it hasn’t been very clear that search engines like Google and Bing quite know the best way to integrate social content and signals into their algorithms and UIs.

But if several changes spotted in the wild on Google News results are any indication, they’re increasing their rates of experimentation.

Facebook wants to help you answer your questions

Have a pressing question? Need an answer? Chances are you’ll
turn to your friends and family, but doing so isn’t always easy. Time
and distance often separate us from the people we know, and sometimes a
second or third opinion is needed.

So what’s the solution? If the company has its way, the answer to that
question is Facebook. Yesterday, the world’s largest social network
announced that its much-anticipated product, Facebook Questions, has
entered beta and is being released to a growing number of Facebook

Lifting Google rank using social conversations

You can manipulate a website’s rank on Google during
a social media campaign using conversations that do not contain links. Whether
this is an intentional ranking factor by Google, or just a quirk, it moves
social media well and truly into the SEO space.

Some of the best things are discovered by accident. This happy accident discovered in Google’s ranking system has the potential to change how we use social media for search engine optimisation (SEO).

Will Facebook’s privacy blunder hurt advertisers most?

The self-inflicted wounds Facebook received from its new privacy setup are getting deeper as some users pull their information, and others quit the social network altogether.

While I think that a lot of the criticism being leveled at Facebook is
hyperbole, Facebook’s new privacy regime does represent an almost 180-degree turn for the
world’s largest social network.