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How should you respond to awkward customers on social media?

Our social media manager Matt Owen pointed me in the direction of a reasonably heated Twitter spat between Cineworld, the cinema chain, and a movie fan who felt that its prices were too high.

The exchange, which runs and runs, is fascinating. It’s one of the first times I have really seen a brand repeatedly back itself up on Twitter in the face of escalating criticism, albeit from one person. 

Sky’s sound social media advice hijacked by brand police

Last night the Guardian released details of an email sent to Sky News employees that outlined new social media guidelines.

Of course, the most sensational part of this – that staff now seem to be banned from retweeting rival “journalists or people on Twitter” – has been highlighted by many amid cries of ‘they just don’t get it’.

London’s 2012 social media guidelines are fair game

There have been multiple reports of social media ‘restrictions’ being enforced upon volunteers for London’s 2012 Olympic.

The 70,000 volunteers – called Game Makers – have been prevented from posting behind-the-scenes updates and photos to Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. 

Econsultancy’s 10 social media guidelines

Econsultancy’s 10 social media guidelinesOne of the best things about working at Econsultancy is that we’re not sticklers for rules and regulations. We hire people, trust them to do a great job, and give them the independence to get on with things. 

Nevertheless, as the team grows there needs to be a few internal ‘house guidelines’ for staffers, so we’re all singing from the same songsheet. 

Late last year I shared our ‘What Econsultancy’s about’ slidehow, which we created to help new staff to understand what we do, and how and why we do it. 

Now I’d like to share our social media guidelines with you. 

16 social media guidelines used by real companies

In a post I wrote called the A-Z of social media for brands I decided that P stands for Policy. I’m not one for too many rules and regulations, but it is a good idea to define some clear guidelines to help staff (especially novices) to do the right thing.

So let’s take a look at some real world social media policies and guidelines as used by companies. Zappos does a great job of summing it up in seven words, but the detail is also important and there are some fine suggestions here…