social media gurus

Marketers have bought into social media, now what?

Still have questions about social media’s impact on marketing? You shouldn’t. According to a new report, “next year, four in five US businesses with at least 100 employees will take part
in social media marketing.

If that prediction comes to pass, there won’t be much room for debate about social media’s significance. But the debates aren’t over. Instead, the mainstreaming of social media with marketers means that the most interesting debates are yet to come.

Social media scammers: be careful who you hire

We all know about social media ‘gurus’: the hired guns with thin track
records who claim that they know all of the secrets to social media
success and can boost your business on Facebook and Twitter for a sum.

In most cases, the social media ‘guru‘ is thought of as an
opportunistic type who overpromises and underdelivers. But a friend in
the United States who works as a strategic marketing consultant relayed
a story to me that hints there may be social media gurus who are
really social media ‘scammers.’