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Amazon’s new FC Ambassadors program is bad social media strategy

Amazon might be the master of ecommerce and, increasingly, just about everything else. But following the discovery that the company is employing workers to defend it on social media, it is clear that Amazon has yet to master the art of reputation management on social media.

The past several years have been especially prosperous for Amazon, and 2018 has seen the company’s fortunes – as well as that of its founder and CEO, Jeff Bezos – rise to new heights.

Five ways to maintain authenticity with social media

Over the past several years, businesses have flocked to social media.
Many have done so because they want to, and many more have done so
because they think they have to.

The increasing use of social media amongst businesses reflects the fact
that social media is important, even if its value can be somewhat
difficult to define and quantify. But social media is just a platform,
and realizing value from its use requires the right type of use.