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SEO and social media get married

There is a lot of talk around the web these days about the convergence of social media and SEO, but I feel like what has happened with social and search is more like a marriage, and they skipped the engagement period altogether. It is merely a convergence of technology and methodology.

Change is the only constant in the online marketing industry, and change comes quickly.

Q&A: Richard Jones of EngageSciences on the common social marketing ROI myths

Soon the strategy of “I tweet, so pay me big bucks to send a couple tweets for you” will be a thing of the past (if it isn’t already). Social media is settling down after its wild west days as companies begin to apply analytics and insight to gauge ROI. But why is there still question over how to apply measurement to social media as marketers would do for any other channel?

Next Tuesday (December 11, 2012), Richard Jones, CEO at EngageSciences, will host the upcoming JUMP Webinar: Dyspelling the Myths of Social Marketing ROI. We spoke with Jones to give you a little taste of his thoughts on social media ROI measurement and what’s in store for the future.