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The current social media landscape: statistics

The last time we heard, Facebook was struggling with ‘waves of disenfranchised youngsters looking for a hipper alternative’.

Twitter is apparently struggling, with a drop in daily engagement, projected sales for the next three months falling short of expectations and a stock price plummet.

Instagram has stuck the knife into fledgling platform Vine by offering similar video capabilities for its already large incumbent audience. Brands seem to prefer it too. 

It’s not looking pretty out there for our favourite social networks. Of course, whether you trust any of the above reports depends heavily on how much sway you have with the respected sources and how much confirmation bias is at work.

Let’s take a look at some actual statistics to see how healthy social media channels are in 2014.

84% of female Pinterest users are still active in their fourth year: stats

In terms of user retention, this is an incredible figure. Especially compared to the competition.

In February 2014, I looked at Google+ and discovered that although it had 1.15bn users, only 35% of those were active monthly. Similarly 36% of Twitter’s registered users are active on a monthly basis.

Facebook fairs a lot better, a recent GWI Social report reveals a global account ownership figure of 83%, of which 49% are active and 56% of users log in more than once a day.

Of course social channels are very reluctant to reveal their true figures for active users, so its up to third party studies to estimate this and just because your regularly using Twitter right now doesn’t mean you won’t still be doing so in four years time. Which is why the headline figure for Pinterest is so encouraging.

In Q4 2013, Pinterest overtook Facebook for UK referral revenue for the first time, and is expected to do the same in the US in 2014.

RJMetrics has explored 50,000 random pinners and their pins to understand how Pinterest is currently doing in terms of engagement, pinners’ aspirations and the future of Pinterest.