social trends

Taking advantage of trends in social media

Staying abreast of the latest trends in an industry can be hard.

Trends are a phenomenon that grabs hold of the interest of consumers and creates a whirlwind of excitement for brands.

It is important that brands take advantage of the growing fad before it becomes the norm. Being at the forefront will mean that consumers relate your brand as cutting edge and arguably the best in the market.

But how do you get ahead of a trend before it is common knowledge?

Knowing what makes consumers tick is hugely important for this.

Brands that don’t listen, don’t compete

You may have seen our recently published Social Trends Report which featured some of the great takeaways from our Social Summit 2012 event.

Marketers from the likes of Walmart, 3M, WIRED Magazine,, Cabela’s and others came together at our annual event to share their thoughts about what works and what’s driving the young ecosystem of social. 

The prevailing view from attendees was that brands can gain an important advantage by not only listening to their customers, but also by responding and interacting.

Those brands who aren’t engaged, run the very real risk of falling off their customer’s radar, especially considering consumers’ expectations around brands’ ability to provide timely and relevant content across channels. 

In total, four key trends emerged.