What marketers need to know about eSports

Professional sport is a multi-billion-dollar business and in the past several decades, brands have become an inseparable part of the market.

Numerous brands, from Nike to Red Bull, can even attribute much of their success to aligning themselves with the right sports, leagues, teams and athletes.

YouTube unveils new ad model for channel sponsorships

To correspond with a new focus on channels, YouTube has announced a new ad model that will see the site attempt to monetise partnerships with Reuters, Sony, Warner Brothers, Universal – and just this week, Disney UK.

The new channel sponsorships will include display, overlay and pre-roll ad options for 96 different channels, all providing original content to YouTube, with pricing varying according to sector and length of contract.

Is online advertising really failing content?

Online content may be sexy, but even on the internet, turning a profit
as a publisher isn’t always easy, particularly if you rely on ad revenue
to pay the bills. After all, today’s advertising market has come a long
way since the 1990s.

Advertisers have a seemingly unlimited array of
advertising options, and the proliferation of ad networks and
technologies such as retargeting mean that many publishers have seen
their CPMs decline.

According to
an AdAge opinion piece by Tom Hespos, who runs a digital marketing firm, advertising is failing publishers.