Will Tizen give Android a run for its money?

Ask folks about mobile operating systems and most will probably tell you that it’s a two-horse race: Apple’s iOS versus Google’s Android.

The mobile OS landscape isn’t this way because other companies haven’t tried.

Microsoft has done some interesting things with Windows Phone, and Palm’s webOS looked pretty darn promising when it launched.

Sprint becomes a used mobile phone dealer

Have your eyes on a new mobile phone but just can’t bring yourself to shell out the money?

If you’re a Sprint customer in the United States, you might not have to
think twice thanks to Sprint’s new Certified Pre-owned (CPO) Device

Case Study: Growing Sprint’s Family Connections with BlogHer and Momspotting

Moms might not be the first demographic that comes to mind when you think about hitech smartphones, but women (and moms) are often the ones who make and influence household purchasing decisions. That’s something that Sprint took heed of when starting to market its Sprint Overdrive.

The company worked with women’s blog network BlogHer and enlisted a handful of moms to become brand embassadors for Sprint’s new line of products. The result? A 250% increase in brand lift.