SEO tips for Squarespace users upgrading to 6

Squarespace, a popular NYC-based company, has been providing a do-it-yourself platform for creative professionals, businesses, bloggers, and even web developers to easily create/edit/host a website since 2004.

A year ago this time, Squarespace announced Squarespace 6. As a Squarespace user who had not updated and an Econsultancy contributor, I decided to dive in and catalog a few SEO pointers from their great support staff in order to paint a picture of what it’s like using 6, and with an eye for SEO.

Q&A: Dane Atkinson, CEO of Squarespace

Before the company’s Twitter marketing campaign went viral, Squarespace wasn’t a brand known to many. But the company has experienced rapid growth building a niche in the competitive market for content management solutions/publishing platforms. And it has done it by doing something many others have avoided: charging users.

I spoke with Squarespace CEO Dane Atkinson about the company, its success with a paid business model and what ROI the company’s viral Twitter marketing campaign produced.

Moonfruit: Paying for social media prowess

Companies may be looking to social media as a cheap alternative to traditional advertising, but it certainly isn’t free. It takes time, effort, and often — money. Witness today’s trending topics on Twitter.

Michael Jackson’s stronghold on the most popular topic all week has finally been loosened by a much more frivolous word: Moonfruit.

Entirely unrelated to the Moon Walk, Moonfruit is a DIY website builder that is giving away 10 free laptops to celebrate its 10th anniversary. All people have to do to qualify is advertise the company on Twitter with the hashtag #moonfruit. The campaign is certainly working. But is it worth $12,000 to be the most popular Twitter topic?