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Six tips for building a successful B2B marketing strategy

One of the recurring themes at our Funnel B2B marketing event this week was how businesses should come up with their social media strategy and how to measure the ROI.

For B2B marketers the challenge seems to be far more difficult than consumer brands, particularly when trying to get buy-in from senior executives.

Standard Life and Lloyd’s of London both gave presentations on how they use social and the stages they went through to set out KPIs.

We’ve already looked at how Standard Life uses LinkedIn and Twitter for B2B marketing, but here are six useful tips for building a successful B2B social strategy…

How Standard Life uses LinkedIn and Twitter for B2B marketing

B2B marketing and social media have a difficult relationship, as it’s tricky for businesses to strike the right tone and actually draw value from platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

But unfortunately social is too big to be ignored, despite the inherent difficulties for B2B companies.

In a talk at Econsultancy’s Funnel B2B marketing conference Standard Life’s Craig Johnston looked at how social has disrupted the traditional sales funnel and which channels have proved most effective for his company’s marketing activities.