Seven innovative new technologies set to revolutionise marketing

“There must be an easier way.” Lots of great ideas have been born from that simple phrase, and judging by the entries to The Digitals Innovative New Technology category, it’s not a trend that’s set to die down at any point soon.

From collecting multiple device data to search optimization, getting all your marketing ducks in a row is hard work. Here are seven new technologies set to make your life a little easier in future…

Aggregator sites outperform travel brands in search: report

A new report into search visibility within the travel industry shows that aggregator sites are outspending and outperforming brands in search results.

Stickyeyes’ report focuses on the top mainstream online travel and tourism keyword markets with an emphasis on cheap and last minute deals.

The methodology looks at both paid and organic search results, tracking the number of times a brand appears in the SERPs (search volume), as well as the number of times it is clicked (click share).

It analyses the most common generic search terms for several different types of holidays, including flights, hotels, package, city breaks, skiing and coach holidays.

CompareTheMarket is top performing financial brand on social media

Price comparison sites are proving to be better at engaging customers via social media than high street banks, with achieving the highest engagement scores thanks to its meerkat character.

Stickyeyes’ report, which also found that price comparison sites outperform banks in search visibility, attributes social scores out of 100 based on criteria such as the number of fans and followers, sentiment analysis, retweets and Facebook’s ‘talking about this’ metric.

It reveals that among the retail banks social media strategies remain a relatively underdeveloped channel, although First Direct is one of the most progressive operators.

It has integrated its main site with a range of social assets including blogs, a social newsroom, Facebook and Twitter accounts and community threads in order to engage directly with customers.

MoneySupermarket outperforms banks for key financial search terms

New research shows that MoneySupermarket is outperforming the major high street banks in search visibility for many consumer financial products.

StickyEyes‘ Online Consumer Finance Intelligence Report shows that the price comparison site achieves the highest visibility in organic search for common financial products such as current accounts and savings, but also in more lucrative categories such as mortgages and loans.

While price comparison sites provide many of the traditional brands with the necessary means to advertise their products online, they also go head-to-head with the very same operators as they compete for premium positions within SERPs.

The report takes an in-depth look at several different banking sectors, but here we highlight the results for mortgages and credit cards.

ASOS and Topshop are the most social fashion retailers: stats

ASOS and Topshop are the top performers for social media marketing, according to a new report from Stickyeyes.

The report, which also looked at search rankings among women’s fashion retailers, found that the two brands achieved the top scores for the number of social touchpoints and the level of engagement with consumers.

ASOS is the top performer, achieving 87% on Stickyeyes’ social media score card index. This is a reflection of how they have built and developed a large socially engaged audience.

Topshop came second with 77%, but what do the scores actually mean?

Boohoo and ASOS top search rankings for women’s fashion

Boohoo and ASOS stand out as the top performers in a report into search rankings among fashion retailers.

Search marketing agency Stickyeyes looked at how 20 online retailers ranked for a set of item specific and generic search terms.

Generic women’s clothing and fashion terms are highly competitive and are driven by a small number of variants.

For the purposes of this study, the analysis was based on the top ten terms, which include women’s clothing, women’s clothes, and ladies clothing. The results to not include informational sites, such as Wikipedia.