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Smartphone users want in-app store finders: are retailers providing them?

A recent survey into the functions that consumers most want to see in smartphone apps found that, aside from money saving offers, people value the ability to locate physical stores and to purchase items directly from the app.

Though the research, commissioned by Adobe, was a closed question so respondents were restricted in what they could answer, it highlights the local intent associated with activities on a smartphone.

To find out whether the UK’s top retailers are catering to this need, I tried out four shopping apps on Android to see how easy it is to find store location and contact details…

Tips for improving store locator tools

When it comes to driving online shoppers into physical stores, there are a number of tools, such as click and collect, vouchers and mobile search. 

One overlooked and perhaps less glamorous method is the store locator tool. 

Here are a few tips to improve your store finder tools…