I’m a Mac Store, I’m a PC Store

i'm a mac I'm a pcThere’s something almost portentous about the news coming out on Friday the 13th, not to mention the day before Valentine’s Day. Microsoft, following Apple’s lead, will open its own line of branded retail outlets.

Microsoft briefly had a San Francisco store during the dot-com boom, which quickly folded. Apple Stores, meanwhile, are prospering and flourishing. Openings in new cities are eagerly anticipated events on the scale of major rock stars coming to town: people stake spots in line a day in advance, often spending the night on the sidewalk in anticipation of the doors opening. If Apple introduces a hot new product like the iPhone, the whole process repeats.

Here in New York, our three Apple stores are must-see tourist attractions. And they’re bound to be bustling on Valentine’s Day tomorrow – I keep seeing articles in mainstream media citing Apple stores as one of the top places to meet members of the opposite sex.