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Quick Guide to Storytelling for Marketers

1. Introduction Storytelling is essential to the human condition and has always been a part of persuasion and selling. According to one of the experts interviewed for Econsultancy’s Storytelling for Marketers Best Practice Guide, storytelling is central to humanity. It was those who learned – through stories – that survived, and as a result, we […]

What is ‘storyliving’ and why do you need it?

Storytelling remains a key way for brands to engage an audience. 

By creating a compelling narrative and conveying it across multiple channels, brands are able to bring to life a sense of purpose, and draw in consumers on a deeper level.

Storytelling might boost your product page conversion rates: stats

Storytelling is a popular marketing buzzword, and there are numerous examples demonstrating how brands that engage in storytelling derive value from the exercise.

Much of the discussion around the topic focuses on how brands tell stories at a strategic level, but according to a study conducted by Hill Holiday research division Origin, companies can profit from applying storytelling at a much more practical level too. 

Could Shield 5 signal a new wave of social cinema?

If you’re not already aware of the Shield 5 series on Instagram, go and watch it now. 

To me it is a perfect example of just how ridiculously far we’ve come with social media since MySpace first became the next big thing all those years ago. 

Not only that, but if people react positively to it I think we could see much more of this type of content on Instagram, and no doubt brands will want to get involved with their own series. 

How the National Trust replatformed: 500 editors & a 10-year strategy

In November we covered the new National Trust website, a funky, responsive number with bold typography and brilliant imagery.

The Trust obviously has great brand equity because the post was very popular, even attracting some irked Trust members who felt the new site needed work.

So, we thought the digital journey of the National Trust warranted more investigation, and we caught up with Tom Barker, head of digital.

Here’s what he had to say.