strategy and operations

More marketers are needed in the boardroom: report

In November we published our Value of Marketing report, in which we discussed the need for CMOs and CFOs to talk the same language.

The current status quo where finance commands the greatest voice in the boardroom needs to be challenged. Half of the FTSE 100 CEOs have an accounting or financial management background, compared to just 10% who come from marketing or advertising.

Stats: digital strategy and operations

As we continue to update the format of our Internet Statistics Compendium to reflect the new taxonomy of the Econsultancy site, this month we can announce the launch of a new part of our ever-growing stats bundle, The Strategy and Operations Statistics Compendium.

This document will seek to collect publicly available data and our own research on overall digital strategy, covering: spend, ROI and marketing activity trends among companies and agencies from a range of regional markets.

As well as all the regular ISC data we collect, this month we’ve added the following strategy and operations stats: